Imagine you have a home to live with your four family members. Then what is a good internet speed for your home in Bangladesh? Is it a 20 Mbps download speed? Or is it 100 Mbps?

Yes, we have a one-word answer for this, but we will explain the reason so that you can compare that to the internet speed in other countries.

In Bangladesh, a good internet speed for home depends on your family’s needs. For basic browsing, 5-10 Mbps is sufficient. 10-15 Mbps suits light streaming and office work.

Content creators and gamers benefit from 15-25 Mbps. Professional-grade connections start at 25-40 Mbps. Large households with multiple users should consider 45-100 Mbps. Prioritize package pricing, stability, maintenance, and connection type when choosing an ISP.

As of 2023, the average broadband speed is around 13.9 Mbps, but it’s expected to improve with the growing demand for faster internet.

Let’s start by describing the necessity of fast internet speed at home.

Why Do You Need Good Internet Speed for Home?

Almost everyone has a smartphone in their families these days. If you have multiple working people in the family, it is a basic need to have a higher download speed at home.

Moreover, people can complete almost every work online, from entertainment to office work. So there are many reasons for getting fast internet speed to make out.

Before stepping into the internet speed guide, we will explain the reasons for getting a good connection. Here is the reason you need stable internet speed.

  • Home Entertainment

Cable TVs and satellites are becoming old communication systems. Everyone has smart TV at home that can play videos from YouTube and other streaming services. So if you love to watch movies with your family, you need a good internet connection.

  • Official Task

Remote job is so popular after the COVID-19 pandemic. So if you are an earning family member, you need a good internet connection to upload the official files to the office server. Freelancers especially need a reliable connection to stay connected all the time.

  • Gaming

Children are getting addicted to online gaming at present. So if your kid wants to play multiplayer games, you will need good internet speed for gaming. It will help your kid communicate with other players and download new games.

For tips on increasing download speed, check out our article.

  • Content Creation

Is there any YouTuber or Tiktoker in your home? Then you need high internet speed to download resource files and upload your video on social media. You need the best internet connection for that purpose.

What is a Good Internet Speed for Home in Bangladesh?

According to the FDA, the standard internet speed should start at 25 Mbps. But we observe a different scenario in Bangladesh.

There were 66.94 million internet users in Bangladesh in January 2023. Bangladesh has 44 million social media users. The average broadband internet in Bangladesh fluctuates from 12 to 15 Mbps, currently at approximately 13.9 Mbps, and increased by 3 percent in the past year. Don’t feel so upset yet!

Since the number of users is increasing, most internet service providers are building advanced infrastructure to maximize the speed. We have categorized the best internet speed for you, calculating the necessity. Let’s take a look at the speed table!

  • 5-10 Mbps

5 to 10 Mbps is the basic internet speed provided for Bangladesh’s lowest cost. If you are someone who just scrolls social media single-handedly, the speed limit is just fine! You can browse posts and comments. But, you need to find a way to download files efficiently with that internet speed.

  • 10-15 Mbps

10 to 15 Mbps is considered the average download speed for images and short videos. You can watch streaming sites on a single or dual screen perfectly at HD resolution.

Plus, office tasks can be done perfectly with this speed limit. We will suggest this internet speed for a family of a few members with three or four mobile devices.

  • 15-25 Mbps

15 to 20 Mbps will be the ideal internet speed for content creators and gamers. At least two people can enjoy live streaming with this internet speed at 4K resolution, while five others can use mobile devices.

There will be fewer issues with downloading short and medium-sized files. You can connect your home and multiple mobile devices to enjoy a stable connection.

  • 25-40 Mbps

25 to 40 Mbps is considered a professional connection. You will be smart enough to stream on up to four screens in this parameter at 4K resolution. No one will face any latency in downloading from this connection. We will suggest it for consistent downloads by the family members.

  • 45 to 100 Mbps

45 to 100 Mbps will be high enough for a joint family with so many people. The speed can be re-routed to different sections in your home without difficulty.

With this internet speed limit, at least six people can stream content on a large 4K screen.

What to Consider Before Taking a Good Internet Connection?

There are a few things to look up before taking an internet connection. Please follow the points below to get the most out of the service.

  • Package: Follow the package price first. After 2022, the government bound the ISPs with some rules. So all companies will provide similar packages. So, determine the number of internet users at your home and choose the best package.
  • Connection Stability: Sometimes, ISP can only deliver pages with packet loss. So check the reviews from other users before making a connection. Check the Ping as well to get the fastest response from web servers.
  • Maintenance: Always go for the ISP that provides the fastest solution after having any unwanted issues. You can visit the user community groups on social media to know their quality of services.
  • Connection Type: Consult your ISP to receive an FTTH connection. In this way, you can have fiber optic cables which are highly convenient as they have no data loss and weather effects.
  • Extra Benefits: Before connecting, ask for the BDIX speed and extra streaming bandwidth. Usually, good ISPs provide extra bandwidth on gaming and streaming platforms.

Wrap Up

So, that’s all for today! We hope you got the idea of what is good internet speed for your home in Bangladesh. Since Bangladesh is having more internet users daily, the internet speed is gradually increasing from place to place.



What is the best WiFi speed at Home?

15 to 25 Mbps download speed is ideal for the home. Users can enjoy more than two live streaming on a large screen while using multiple mobile devices simultaneously. The 15 to 15 Mbps package is also affordable.

What is the average internet speed in Bangladesh?

The average internet speed in Bangladesh is 13.9 Mbps in 2023. Internet networking company Ookla reported that Bangladesh had a 3 percent increase in internet speed than the recent year. Bangladesh is standing on the 121st of 141 countries in terms of internet speed.

Why is the internet speed in Bangladesh slow?

Bangladesh has slow internet speed because the internet infrastructure could be better in rural areas. In detail, there need to be more users in the village areas, so the companies need more investment to upgrade the connection streams.

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